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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Learning To Create My Own Designs

I belong to a great forum on Facebook, 'Wire Wrap Tips & Tutorials'. We ask questions and provide answers, advice and motivation to each other. I have learned a lot from this group.

Today I provded my 2 cents and thought I'd share.

A member wrote ".....Any advice on learning to make my own design?..."

My 2 cents "After awhile the designs will just come. Mine happened with gaining trust in myself/designs and not thinking to much. Also, having a gamit of techniques in my experience bucket. But, when I'm stumpted....This is how my mind works, sometimes. How can I make this design my own. Then look at part of it. How can I change the weave. What can I do for a different clasp. What different embellishment(s) can I add, instead of the flat wire, use round, coil it, put small beads in the coil. Add a coin bead where the flat/square wire join.  Have fun experimenting and one morning you'll wake up with a design from your dreams.  Goooooo gurl!"

And because no blog post should go without a picture, I've posted one of my pendants. This was created by allowing myself to just go for it, using tecniques I've learned along the way. It started by choosing the jasper bead and wanting to include the leaf charm.

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Have a joy filled and creative day!


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Monday, January 1, 2018

Work In Progress

The start of 2018. The end of 2017. These pieces were formed, but placed on hold. A wicked cold took the wind out of my sails and everything stopped. I'm on my way back to good health, but as this terrible picture can attest, I have no business attempting anything creative.  Kitchen lighting and a glaring white paper towel aren't the best choices.  These pieces, currently blackened in a patina, will be polished and photographed, in the healthier future.

Have a joy filled and creative day,

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Thursday, May 11, 2017

My Jewerly is in the Gallery at The Old Depot

I have been a juried member of The Old Depot in Black Mountain, NC for 2 years. The profits from the gallery sales are donated to local art educational projects and schools. Please click on the link for more information and lots of pictures. olddepot.org

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Where On Line You Can See My Recent Designs

It's become apparent that my Facebook and Pinterest pages have taken priority when it comes to my postings.

Please find me on Facebook at facebook.com\lindasinishjewelryartisan, or on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/lindasinish/, if you are inclined to read my current postings and see pictures of my jewelry.

I hope to see you there.


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Challenging Design

This pendant didn't come together easily. I could feel the blockage of flow as I was putting it together. Perhaps it was because I had my focus on expected over night company, or the head cold that reared it's ugly symptoms in the next few days, but I felt like I was forcing the design.  It did finally come together and it's in the first picture. As for the head cold, well it insists on over staying it's visit, but I am hopeful it will vanish in the near future.

After coping with a sore throat and no motivation, for two days, I woke up with a desire in my head. My goal to complete it in one day.  That didn't happen.

Ewww. A teeny, tiny knot in 26 gauge wire. I caught this bad boy just in time.

It's almost formed.

Now that it's formed, I'm thinking it looks too busy. I'll remove the central coiled/twisted wire.v

I went ahead and removed the coiled/twisted wire and then adjusted the weave to fill in the center.

Now I'm going to nurse this cold with a bowl of ice cream. Feed a cold, as the say.

I post more pictures on Instagram and Facebook, than I do her on my blog. Visit me on Facebook at Facebook.com/lindasinishjewelryartisan 

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